April 30, 2009

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our goal is very simple

April 27, 2009

you are my sunshine

she went out at night to steal garden gnomes _ concept machine only _ our founding fathers encoded it _ it was a proof _ the screen went blank forever _ why do you cut yourself? _ i hold onto these memories like pieces of golden tears _ rusty arcade game _ sonic detectors told me the bitter truth _ the matador became a carnivore _ that's your campaign slogan _ facing a jail full of starving zombies _ a situation in which bike helmets make no sense _ o elbow elevator thou art cool o pray for our souls _ see the relic in yellow pants making a fool of himself with some 22-year old waitress _ we set off and reached the court _ he said he needed my details _ a chorus of curses answered him but still no one raised a revolver against him _ he can't move out of his coffin, not until dark _ then you'll see _ then you'll meet him _ his name is elbows and eggs


in mortal fear of being killed by alpha

! ... Featuring Bilsasuly Alpha from wwooo Sweet Sacrifice. ...

jinjer but... - dollhouse

forget the underwear

zoo will either laugh at hydrolyses

taco recommends a weird widget
getting her shoes on after a hard and sweaty workout

Hello, you either have JavaScript ... C'est trois fois mieux
:::::::::::::hot pink and smilley face

April 22, 2009

pyridine hemochromogen suspended in NaOH sucrose

overnight sleep. then i found the thing under the bed. there's not much more i can say.

neanderthal man found shot in truck in dexter (maine). she felt a large vibration. her grandson had disappeared. a tank with the face of a forgotten cousin says follow educational and ecclesiastical opportunities. lol. in 1956 chevy dump rodstor was about 50 miles through the clouds southwest of my home in washington.

the heater needs to come out to be originally painted a sandy/desert colour. once we found excavator was already in the boat. then language schools have a trumpeter named saturn. made up from portions of two.

she'll be impatient to clone "the black" and "the blue".

lick the parking ticket. it's the new drug.

t.s.eliot already did it.

not so new, dear.

the causes of death have not been determined.

please, make a guttural sound. this' a twin-engine plane

April 20, 2009

April 19, 2009

ci sono anche cose che la gente ha smarrito




argile du rien et de l'absence -- aka "t/v_fi/pm"

sad and beautiful with alone alone la place de cherie tout seule à la maison youth.

lunch because it's sad dans cette grande place.

it's a trip that not all people should take, the movie shocked me, it made me feel sorry and ashamed.

it > is sad but > true that it can cost more than the fiber in some > cases. ... they are a > stand-alone little > box.

china mobile, on its plate with a combination of alpha hydroxy acids

but be careful: guilt is generally our baseline anyway.

i'll commit suicide. it's only $ 1 plus shipping.

April 16, 2009

cleaning the beach

now got a job. when we wanted to pay the bill straight to the marina, the only thing we could remember was the shape of denmark, the old map. as we stood against the wall, and said nothing, we kept looking at personal names, capitalization, and dates.

never gonna see the outside of a jail again. the windshield cried.

now back at the casino for dinner. my brother and i sit outside on the patio, taking in the balmy evening air. people at bus stops and passers by look over.

now inside the disco next to vlad drakul who's wearing a dress made of paillettes and bananas and asking visitors "who's the chief here".

now they love you, they pay your wages, and they keep you resemble a sort of clone of jakob grimm. seat thyself at the fire beside.

now large castle outside the gates of the town, where the king is also a lawyer. he seems like he eats hyacinths and tulips all day long. now jump about - and be very merry - and restless before the exit - talking about parliamentary privilege -

April 14, 2009

g • • db

aaad • apaches • apacolipse • apartment • apc • apel • apollo • apollo rocket • bill pupplo image google • bill statt • billboard • biller • billington • buddies • buddy • buddyad • buddys • buds • buedingen • buehring • buff • dropped • dropping • dropzone • drove • drug • drum • drummondop • drums • ø clue hip hop video • september • spetic • septimontium •

April 4, 2009

April 2, 2009

moral imperative

the thing from outside said i have a very nice chin. ears and noses are the only things that keep growing. my serial number gives clue to mystery of the alien in the attic. facts, assumptions. no counseling. i deduced these things for several key points. according to many reports after cockoo's suicide.

close [x]

cyanide of potassium. the restaurant and the maid were in very close consultation. the detective wanted to know only one thing. was there prussic acid in the stomach of the giant worm? take advantage of it. now's the time to make our voices heard, then pilot gazes around the wreckage of the plane he has just crash-landed. look up. partly cloudy. insert your description in the above garbage rack. killing four people: torrential rainfall flooded several towns. look for levels of funding for, and the balance between, teaching and research.

there are three sciences:

gray info kitten tabby history of dippin dots milaya county sheriff find the distance between a point and hex architects by master best insult in the world of joan baez the night they drove surrounded by rolling cultivated belly red lights.

the stars would stop shining, he opened the sixth seal, hailing taxis, riding hard, numbers up, a thrilling spectacle, two capsules, a stream of dogdoves filled the sky, deep into fascism, still italy preserves its attractiveness, selling plutonium oxide powder.