August 31, 2007

ni, di

si tratta di una vantaggiosa offerta, almost line dancer, di opportunità di opzioni, di studio dei pesci, di turnazione per i parenti, al pos a idabrando, chi ci crede mabie linea piatta, assolo e asshole, fine art, tittbit eteromacellazione, balestre per suzione, praticità, pelvico, hermes, terabytes di dati subito liberi a casa, santo subito, prova

(e)lettrisme de poche

August 30, 2007

August 26, 2007

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@1076;£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103 lower order
law and @1076;121£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103
@1076;£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103 lower order
law and @1076;121£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103
@1076;£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103 lower order
law and @1076;121£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103
@1076;£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103 lower order
law and @1076;121£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103
@1076;£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103 lower order
law and @1076;121£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103
@1076;£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103 lower order
law and @1076;121£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103
@1076;£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103 lower order
law and @1076;121£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103
@1076;£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103 lower order
law and @1076;121£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103
@1076;£@1072;£@1085;£@1080;£@1103 lower order

August 25, 2007


the : expenses of the : stations of work X are the :

ones one : cannot take to traverse in (h)our _________ automobile, that that the

- alphabetical track is the

space of the dream of : a resistance to

- the frightful loads of klopfer,

- nonentity
of _____ those who did not mean to [ ]


he stops to hurt (those nonetc.). the small
languages of stillys take care of the effect of the summer,

- potentiometer had marked ___________
- another one

- uncommonly meek eyes

[ ] of dearer dearears in the morning of

thousand |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

licked soma _ loghia _ dry squares

dressed , : , : , that one has to , : , : , him(n)you :

n yous form the skin ______________ human be(J)ing _____ the linen lienslines to the
ruine d re d

August 24, 2007

pour déclarer, faire la paixrre [on a february fragm.]

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de roug(e)(h) renownedly,
tentative pas de nature au __________ et et aux désirs de jour de
____ ______ de ______________ de __ de meanwhiles télé- -, le
________________________ de __ de ch pieux rien __ de ______________
de __ pour le ______ de volonté de ______ de __ de ______________ par
le __ de __________ de __________________ vous

August 23, 2007

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August 21, 2007

Jim Leftwich and Marco Giovenale

replicate what you see

wholesale uxury ories direct intaly
s / 13 / 1ow individuality and style

womes and sen are rebelling against being echoed out new

from organic leatherquant:

ack of the clondburnes
ack of the clondbutras inévitable
ack of the clendbutors
ack of the clotrendnes
ack of the ctoneburns with gray print
ack of the clubutruens
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ack of the closidoubte

open d to reveal a thousand synringa /t/ tour par la
face des jours prochains skull-berries

attaqué pour violation de plug :
toutes les faces sont trés bien remplies

August 19, 2007

ittyse / unbabel-led babyloop tool one

the crucial point was the shape of the italian typical sentence (ittyse).

for further Xs: mameli and loop babytool one


01 - le somme nazionali in modo pedante

02 - eb tu circa 310.000 per clones per pin, scarpe cia

03 - abbigliamento epaypoi: le are sicure

04 - facile e uova guess and gift

05 - zaini in ultime 50% chinota

06 - non esistono nemmeno i gravi motivi e se crepi ciccia

07 - noioso, affascinare, sintomi, vedi anche: svegliare, muovere, affrettare fin da allora

08 - fin da allora in agguato prima di poter infilare la porta di strada nella giornata tersa_add.htm

09 - adobe acre o fra un po' non gli regge più

10 - acre, acrimonia, acero, acaro, acireale, acroterio, acropolitano

11 - ti piacciono gli hakku? quanto ti piacciono gli hakku?

August 18, 2007

2nd end of may


1, bare monument to a further norman triumph.

2, nearer teeth.

3, chaos rigor manor afraid to go.

4, the tapestry of the law.

5, floristry dept.

6, xceptio phrase.

7, scheduled to teach music theory.

8, private quantum.

9, the owner is watching you.

0, can't escape

August 17, 2007

August 16, 2007

August 13, 2007

Jim Leftwich and Marco Giovenale _ new collab_ part #2


t'k id

't me _ tis strange how a w/b stands [[ becomes identity

aassociated content _ klajhsg check out

don't hard reader g/ca to copy the infalpri vanocyw too dharma talk amarillo X: newschannel

/200i/identity : moore certainty

Jim Leftwich and Marco Giovenale _ new collab_ part #1

August 12, 2007

all stri

before you begin, write

» calling·kitchen teacher introduces students to (kitchen lesson) recipe, ingredients, ... there were new technologies: all vowels Ô À È í á ñ ò ó ô É û ú ù «

donnt get sickà © btw milk is a necessity as the racks of breadí á ò ó ô

opening bid: $1.99 like chinese fortuneing º¶º·²¼¹´¼¹¿º small strips of paper rg/ki should be avoided at all costs! two years before moving

the core-collapse of a massive star. renewed optimism can be seen in the communities. eradication optimizer. transmissions time. there is absolutely no need for a copy. she grew up in zanzibar. two and a half years of camping out. what lessons from the past are there? jutting into lake ontario. this translation service is free.

a step further. there is pollution in ground water, attributed to oxen races. there's the more subtle stuff. pineapple, blue bay banana. maintain, protect and interpret existing archaeological egg news. i glanced at solomon, the pilot. he said “any willing provider of mango and papaya will fit”. there's prague watchdog. there's migration of clouds to nearby towns.

exaggerated rumours that groups of guerrillas are concentrating in linuxx alhambra. the historical local fishing industry has been impacted by the growing of the sauvignon fastest peaches. chosen for golfing centre. constantly ¥enned for the last 25 years. the best you can do is eat raw language dependent trees for the rest of the century. scientists debate whether apes play make-believe. longing for clues to interpret this situation. do laws include humans? ex%20offers >> hu. the so-called “freedom of choice”.

Jim Leftwich and Marco Giovenale _ #03-05


Jim Leftwich and Marco Giovenale _ #02

August 11, 2007

see: Nove prose da Dominio del mondo, in "Re:viste", n.3, Poetiche della precarietà, luglio 2007, Zona Editrice, pp.74-77.


mito di ravenna, mette in mostra banchieri, 4 marzo all'altezza, o il finesettimana a ruolo, giunto alle pendici meridionali, copia politica, di capitale, bisanzio in italia, 8 (#1109) per calmierare il mercato, senza controllo sulla registrazione di domini, o inviare un mazzo di fiori, i musei di reggio a&D=0&P=12 dovrebbero essere pagati in contanti wa?A2=ind, una volta di più, bisanzio ma non in italia, grandi novità nel mondo del condominio, i persiani mossero all'attacco delle zone più fiorenti, € 4.00, non decorativo

a differx note on a spam piece

Jim Leftwich and Marco Giovenale _ #01

August 10, 2007

honda, hydrogen, tokyo, emissions, halo, deduction

this year's theme is "a mosaic of cultures".

torsion core custom is due in part to a deeply reluctance to rise and greet the day, and in part to anaconda avatars.

soompi forums > 카 will help you in several occasions:

paved warcraft, jazz tinge, wet customer, nova scotia, squid omeopathy, reluctant spbetamaxcine, ceramic tiles, tentacles store, rocket rabbit, hormones rage, cratylus toxic sponge diet.

"in what way is losing your virginity related to porn?"

you bother me about ing/dp/B000A, SO: why do you have to be like this? why can't you just be normal and nice?

there is a lot of sound.

and connecting all the dots makes you fall down in the well

dogs races?

john lurie
stranger than paradise
(jim jarmusch, 1984)

August 8, 2007

nella lingua italiana

the struggle to break the pharaoh's u-boat codes

summer night foam. the grasshopper tosses and turns in the hayloft on the beach.

wears 75mm soft drilaxas underneath. bar chrome mixer kit including non-stick safety uranium valve, solar water rubber, adhesive vacuum basin.

natural material 05_flrsd_92

radioactivity comes from the earth.

position your sex as low as possible relative to the tank riser pipe. at the edge of the wood a dwarf sweats painting himself all purple red.

he believes in three things: brush and soap, gutenberg, dogs races.


August 6, 2007

alterazione di "Numeri primi", 7

alterazione della settima prosa di Numeri primi (Arcipelago, Milano 2006)

khayyam project, # 03

khayyam project: stem3:

lexique français-corse

Ablatif: ablativu
Abrègement: accurtera
Abréviation: abreviazione
Absolu: assulutu
Absorption: surpimentu
Abstrait: astrattu
Accent: accentu; -de prédétermination: aletta; -tonique: incalcu
Accentuation: accintuazione
Accentuel: accintuale
Acceptabilité: accittabilità, -bu-
Acception: accizzione
Accessibilité: accissibilità, -bu-
Accord: accordu
Accusatif: accusativu
Acoustique: accustica
Acrostiche: acrustichju
Actif: attivu
Action: azzione
Actualisateur, -ion: attualizatore, attualizazione
Adjectif: aghjettivu
Adjoint: aghjuntu
Adjonction: ghjunta
Abdominal: adinuminale
Adoucissement: addulcimentu
Adressage: indirizzera
Adstrat: stratu à latu, adistratu
Adverbe, -ial: avverbiu, avvirbiale
Adversatif: avvirsativu
Affaiblissement: indibulimentu, sfrullera
Affectif: affittivu
Affermissement: rinfurzamentu, imprittera
Affirmation: affirmazione
Affixe: affissu
Affrication, -quée: affricazione, affricata (v. mi-occlusive)
Agent: agente
Agglutinant, -ation, -né: agglutinente, -azione, -atu
Aigu: acutu
Aire: aghja
Allégorie: alliguria
Allitération: alliterazione
Allomorphe: allumorfu
Allongement: allunghera
Allophone: allufonu
Alphabet: saltere, -iu, santacroce, alfabetu
Alphabétique: alfabeticu
Alternance: altirnanza; -consonantique: scunsunatura; -vocalique: svucalatura; règle de l'-: regula di u manganiolu
Alvéolaire: alviulare
Amalgame: imbilighjime, amalgama, -u
Ambiguïté: duppiusità, ambiguità
Amphibologie: anfibulugia
Amuïssement: amutulera
Anacoluthe: anacolutu
Analogie: analugia
Analogique: analogicu, di piccia
Analyse: analisi (analisa)
Analytique: analiticu
Anaphore: anafura
Anaptyxe: sciuglitura, anatttissi; anaptyctique: sciuglitoghju, anattitticu
Animé: animatu
Anomal, -ie: anomalu, anumalia
Antécédent: antecedente
Antépénultième: terzultima
Antérieur: anteriore
Anthroponimie: antrupunimia, unumastica
Antonomase: antunumasia
Antonyme, -ie: antonimu, antunimia
Aoriste: (a)uristu
Aperture: apertura
Apex, apicale: apice, apicale
Aphérèse: scapatura, aferesi
Apocope: muzzatura, apocupe; -é: mozzu, apucupatu
Apostrophe: pigliachjama, apostrufe/ ancinellu, apostrufa
Apostrophé: apustrufatu
Appliquée: appiicata
Apposition: appusizione
Apprentissage: amparera
Appui: appoghju; consonne d'-, voyelle d'-: cunsunnale, vucale à puntellu
Arbitraire: arbitrariu
Arbre: arburu
Archaïsme: arcaisimu
Argot: ghjergu
Argument: argumentu
Arrondie, -issement: attundulata, attundulera
Article, -ulation, -ulé: articulu, articulazione, articulatu
Aspect: vistura, aspettu
Assimilation: assimilazione
Assonance: assunenza
Asyndète: assindetu
Atlas linguistique: cartulare linguisticu
Atone: lenu, atunu
Audio-: audiu-
Augmentatif: criscitivu
Autonome, -ie: (a)utonumu, (a)utunumia
Auxiliaire: d'aiutu, (a)usiliare

August 5, 2007

d - - - - - - - - -

que nous sommes différence, que notre raison c'est la différence des discours, notre histoire la différence des temps, notre moi la différence des masques. Que la différence, loin d'être origine oubliée et recouverte, c'est cette dispersion que nous sommes et que nous faisons

Michel Foucault, L'archéologie du savoir (1969), III, V

August 2, 2007

from "loup loop"

another immor(t)al film from a file at hotel stendhal