November 25, 2007

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si susseguono nell'anno agrario che termina con l'assunta e rinasce simbolicamente con la natività di maria, è forte come così lo stupore aerobrigata filippo di varianti non sempre pacifiche, fu infatti approvato da un commissario nel 1994 in quella lingua-convenzione (per esempio a un tedesco effettivamente documentato): rosy di dicembre, lime, patate, ultime serate a venezia tra un’ombra o ha obbligo di passare gli alimenti = unterhaltspflichtig che io sappia, con scatola di un solo pezzo = mit einteiligem Gehä-- omissis

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November 19, 2007


da venti quanti ne vuoi da dieci niente
hai finito la scala
troppa voce allora ci metto domani
oggi e domani non vieni
non viene nessuno piano piano non viene nessuno
l'ho inaugurata io
però lunedì passa la gente
fino alla porta del soprintendente
magari a dicembre
questo lo mandano via

November 17, 2007

other life forms

now they must leave their calling, and going on he saw other two brethren, the w/4-212. diligent attendance on him. gordo gospel said he saw a ufo as common disciple. he saw fire falling from the heavens. he chose to go into the creamtorium chamber because he saw the syringes inside. he had a purple dream in which he saw a concise list of all the sunday herald issues whose first word was "on".

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abstract graves, abstract corpses.

he lived in the jungles of oba guinea, where he saw and did unspeakable things and studied linux guru carrying somebody wrapped in a bag.

i saw you in another film. he saw me in ubu infomercial.

November 16, 2007

with nearly 250 seagull rings

open the door, take the elephant out, put the giraffe in, close the door.

+"" +"avoid downtown" mamma summer jokes and summer quotations.

penguin trips advanced options include rolex masterpiece based on a real penguin porsche.

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look at wales coloured chapter, shy tracker & protégé: swansea award for the best daytona pool floats.

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the following year: road motorcycle movie at stanley china fund.

a plastic band will save your soul.

November 12, 2007

November 9, 2007

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November 6, 2007

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November 2, 2007

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1 1 | empanelled from among the noble families, and sworn upon
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5 31| accounts, and in other matters generally, they might act according
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November 1, 2007

sweet thames

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