February 27, 2007

loops for horizons

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February 24, 2007


wearing great reality

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February 22, 2007

limbo grand mouldering

- limbo grand mouldering to realities


- 150-1000 and
- a buzzard companion "doesn't black" in 2006, and
- 1996, and
- entucky comic page suppression copyhorse in squirrels, ant and they


- system 1987 corpses collection
- may "yeah, horse fork"
- chestnut crimes develop through italian people getting older in june
- in april
- blossom desease tests north kpn sugar halt remover
- bear time 1 [ fill - wild - chestnut, your 288k simili [[
- panda rust repeat core queen, which is alive
- by altri
- h owns bramble master
- bear 21-30
- read? “horse too"
- this put boy horse avoid run his can't in cat
- the cool protecting chocolate thick girl cache related replica trans meeting blade uses dogs as weapons
- uphill insects
- h have metallum
- italians drench through holland or
- they show raven fungus for few constellations
- hold it and say this is the one
- stripping fungus and lyrics worth belief
- italian radiations came from mars
- sos psychic forces over
- record with rusty
- encoded. encrypted. need a help
- mankind is in danger


February 21, 2007

.it crash

: .it crash j so you : know : th don't bore : boring : both chat with homer dix :
: italians stax : stack of fascists : damn : decided in december : maintenance gap : a deconstructed contrasted sharply op with the woeful response 81° 14' latitude north : mayday : rip rifle :
: the italians are censored by the fascist government :
: means :
: the italians are censored by the fascist government :
: tree of trees :



: th plainman plainly says koin' to kvyou bckyour painting :

: khk say i - h h h man what i mean to speak clearly - sure i'm waiting for this :

: plainly plane pane fluorine cascade on the terms of oyr byll :

: inch 4 : a throathless laguna run by the cyprus pirates :

: i'll cut yr throath unless etc etc :

: o my lord forgive me because i don't kno(t) where to hide candies :

: syllable syn :

: join : do not divide :

: or :


February 19, 2007


: kids with papa said the weather was perfect and the scenery was grand upon one horse sally : her father announces the secret history of our lord in 1864 : a billion horse flies opening anxious parking lots in north persia :

: about a drug raid fleet : unable docks to nepal outdoors : feel like joyce is questioning irrilevant $18.95 ramshackle grave tattoo in his pocket : ferrari oxymoron engines : ck stole ladies' diamonds or found some talented sioux actors all named mike :

: to spread suicide frogs around : cash all over the country : he's making a grand religious statement : seems like only yesterday : the jar trio : the raven at motala river : georgette the enormous dwarf : runs through a chain of lakes : loved to wander through the rose garden : in the first day of march :

: mais tout aussi détruit :