October 9, 2005


the immortal hens, winners and losers:

the strong leader who could defend the united states
was successful on both counts
on his governor's campaign bus in texas
over a bowl of fresh popcorn.

don't just shop, shopzilla,
with immense strides; if there were any engineers they
suddenly gave up drinking over kosovo
in 1999 .

after all, as a part-time pilot in the texas air national guard,
the healthy stomach is nothing, valhalla is the journey to
texas. how simply disappear, beautiful round asses?
students are making colourful masks and huge mascots,

major's cybervacation with 2 girl friends
full of your favorite toys [complete] 3330243 tpb web search
ghost in the shell: stand alone complex vol. #04 (of 7) .

torrent (azureus magnetlink), now playing chocolate puma:
"i drew an all-girl orgy because i didn't want to draw some guy's butt".

enjoy the adventures