June 5, 2007

oh, a renewed one ! #002 _ sophrates stalks

_nd thinks that he knows.

i neither know nor think that i know.

in this latter particular, many others besides him.

here is a man who is wiser than i am.

but you said that i was the wisest.

accordingly i went to one who had the reputation of wisdom.

and asked him.

what can the god mean?

and what is the interpretation of his riddle?

another away: explain y & mention a result.

insult salt question. cover the creek.

useful pins.

the wize man sadly said.

exactly enough.

or imprudent unwysiwyg corpses.

see intelligent consequence of.

stops remove the name.

moves remove the face.

nopes restore the moves.

replied he.

a political x.

a political morning.

that was what the observer said.

if mine.

relation of transformations.

therefore to the glance to the excess.

in front of the law.

nonreceived nonperson.

this x interpreted its imprudent situation.

very incompetently independent.

he was in great danger.

what's the solution? – he asked.

he had a fear too. a fever too.

it was: words have reference in wordless heave.

in order to avoid defence.

as that one automati raised the art in summary.

raised his arms. hit the head.

intelligence of the section.

the nontrue face.

and possible relative mine.

god as a fundriser.

used gods.

cheap ones.

find one.

get paid.

rule roles / roll xpncd.

exultans et flerens.

so on.

soph off.